The Makers Of FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS Are Getting Us To THE OUTER WORLDS – Birth.Films.Death.

The Makers Of FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS Are Getting Us To THE OUTER WORLDS – Birth.Films.Death.

Hoopla prepare, pulling into station. All aboard.

By Scott Wampler Dec. 06, 2018

A issue I have found myself indicating, in excess of and more than and in excess of once again through the past 8 yrs, is, “When are the persons driving Fallout: New Vegas gonna make yet another video game?” That title, which arrived all the way back again in 2010, was a goddamn blast, an un-put-downable RPG that delivered just about almost everything I needed out of a Fallout game. In the a long time since, it is been rumored that Obsidian may possibly launch a New Vegas stick to-up (New Orleans has been a routinely-rumored spot for that apparently non-existent activity), but in spite of all that rumormongering, nothing’s happened.
Until eventually tonight. 

This is the initial trailer for The Outer Worlds, a manufacturer-new 1st-human being RPG from Obsidian and Non-public Division. Produced by Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky (co-creators of the original Fallout), it’s basically “Fallout, but in area”. We don’t know substantially else about the match at this time, but that’s extra than adequate to have the BMD crew throwing all over high-fives and downing celebratory photographs. This thing looks great.
Pointless to say, we are hyped to discover more, and will be preserving our ears to the ground for even more updates as they roll in. For the time being, let us just rejoice the reality that a new first-particular person RPG from the makers of Fallout: New Vegas is headed our way.
Please do so now in the responses part presented under.

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